3 Efficient ways to use your personal Facebook profile for business

Do you have both a personal profile and a business page on Facebook? Ever wondered how to use the advantages of having a great personal profile to grow your business page? Here are 3 tips to mix them wisely, so that you don’t turn up doing just business on your personal profile but also giving some advantages to your social media strategy on your business page.

Tip no. 1: Allow Followers to your personal profile

This way, you don’t have to befriend someone on Facebook – you can just turn on the Follow option and they can see your public posting. To turn on your Followers options, go to your Account Settings/Followers.

You can keep your posting then either public (so everyone can see them) or to be visible only to your friends. These options are right next to the “Post” button on the sharing window:

One interesting thing is that Facebook will turn your refused friend requests into followers. So this way you will either have friends or followers – but never lose contact with anyone. Just be careful at your privacy and always select the public you want your post to be visible to.

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How to Use #Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags were first found on Twitter, where discussions with the same topic could be seen in the same stream and therefore more easily followed. After Twitter, more social media channels started using hashtags – channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or Tumblr.

In the following lines we’ll go through some common practices and differences for each channel:


* A hashtag added to a word in your tweet on a public account means that anyone looking for that hashtag might find your tweet

* Hashtags can occur anywhere in a tweet. Just make sure you #don’t #over #do #it #and #spam with hashtags

* The number of hashtags recommended in a tweet is 1 or 2

* Use only relevant hashtags for the topics of your tweet

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6 Ways to use LinkedIn to increase your business network

LinkedIn is a social networking platform oriented a lot more than the others towards building and maintaining professional relationships. You can find prospects, business partners, employees or you can find an employee on LinkedIn if you’re looking for a job.

It is quite critical to use LinkedIn as you’re supposed to, otherwise it can significantly decrease your credibility and will definitely harm your reputation as a professional.

In this article we will provide you 6 tips on how to use LinkedIn to build relationships and find customers for your business – LinkedIn can be the single most amazing social channel to use to find clients, if used wisely. Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

1. Have a top-notch profile

Be it a “personal” profile or a business page, your LinkedIn profile should be updated with the latest information and should contain keywords that will make you easy to be found for the kind of people/businesses that are looking for you.

The most important elements where your strong keywords should be are the title and the summary section of your individual profile. For example, if you are a founder of a Web Design company, make sure you write “Web Design Expert” or something like that in your title, not “Founder”. No-one will look for a founder if they need a Web Design service. They will look for experts/specialists! Keep the “Founder” lower down, for people who do want to find out more about you.

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3 Tools to create great photos to use on your social media channels

In order to optimize your social media profile pictures you might think you need to be an expert in programs such as Photoshop or CorelDraw. But this is not the case. We are going to give you some recommendations of free tools you can use to edit and create beautiful pictures without being an expert. They are friendly to use, so that anyone can become a little artist. Ready? Let’s go!

1. PicMonkey 

PicMonkey (now with a Halloween theme) is a very popular online photo editor, that comes with a very useful free version. It is easy to use, friendly and it allows you to crop, resize, reduce blemishes, add effects, nice borders and fun shapes to your images! Also, you can create amazing collages using this tool.

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Optimizing your social media photos

After deciding on which social media channels you want your business to be on and how to use each social media channel for, we want to walk you through the next step: optimizing your social media photos. Choosing the right pictures in terms of quality, format, message – is an extremely important task for any business, as it is part of the overall image you transmit to your audience. And as it’s said a picture’s worth 1000 words, let’s choose our businesses pictures to be relevant and to transmit what we want them to.

We are going to look at how can we optimize avatars and cover photos on some of the most used social media networks: Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Besides these guidelines, we will also provide some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing the photos for you social channels.


Facebook offers you the option to have a profile photo and a cover photo added to your business page, like in the example below:

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What to use each social media channel for?

Continuing on our previous post on Getting started with social media for businesses, this post aims at helping you understand what to use the most common social media channels for. Each social media channel is specific in its audience and what is best to be done in there. So read this post carefully, look at the helping images and we’re sure you’ll be using your social network much better from now on!


Everyone’s on Facebook. Individuals and business. Our family, friends, acquaintances but also our favorite stores and celebrities. We Like pages and pictures, we comment, we post parts of our personal life. We engage on a variety of levels inside Facebook.

With more than 1,110,000,000 active Facebook users and 48% of 18-34 year old’s who check Facebook when they wake up, we can definitely say we find all kinds of audience on this network. Definitely, no matter what business you’re in, don’t miss being present and active on Facebook.

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Getting started with social media for businesses

This initial blog post is dedicated mainly to the ones so called “late adopters”, businesses that have heard about social media – but haven’t tried it yet. Or, the ones that just want to make sure they did it right in the past when they started. The article includes steps that you can follow to adapt your social media efforts to achieve better results.

Social Media
Top 6 social media networks: What to use them for

We will go through what you need to do in order to start using social media and not just use it, but use it right. These tips are from our own experience and we really hope they’ll help you too.

Questions you probably get asked quite often (and made you think you probably should consider this new trend) refer to:

  1. Are you on social media?
  2. Which platforms are you on?
  3. What are you getting out of it?
  4. How difficult and time consuming is, compared to results generated?

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